Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ummm .... my name is Dominic and I am really trying to keep my game face on.   To tell you the truth, I honestly don't know what else I can do to get someone to slow down long enough to meet me, eh?
To know me is to love me, but everyone who comes to the Yarmouth SPCA seems to have blinders on when they walk by my cage.   Gee whiz ... if they would just stop for a minute, they would find out that I am actually the best behaved boy in the shelter!  
Mind you, the cats here tell me that there still room for improvement!  Apparently they were not actually inviting me to join in the fun when they are in hot pursuit of one another!   Sheesh .. who knew?
The good news is that I am a clever lad and I really just want to please people!   If folks would just show me how to be polite around cats, I would get the hang of it much quicker than all the puppies everyone is in such a rush to meet.
My gosh .. I was that small a few months ago too!  I've grown into more than my feet ... now I am just old enough to focus and learn quickly!  I don't mean to brag, but everyone here at the shelter swears I am the fastest study they have ever met!
If you are looking for someone to snuggle in your lap all day, I'm probably not the lad for you!   Don't get me wrong ... I put the Capital A in affectionate, but I am a healthy young dog, not a screensaver, eh?  
I might not fit in any purse you would be able to carry, but just think of all the fun we could have together!  We could play ball ... go snow shoeing .... play ball .... go swimming ... hey .. did I mention I love to play ball?
I might still be learning the ropes, but I can promise that I would have more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone who could open their home and their heart to a Good Boy in Training like me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well hello there, my name is Belle and I am the secretary for the Mommy club here at CAPS. I can tell from the look on your face that you`ve never heard of that.
The Mommy Club is made up of lovely young cats like myself who either came here in the family way or with our cute little kittens. The kind folks here at CAPS found wonderful homes for our babies, but somehow we are still waiting for our ship to come in.
None of us are all that old, in fact most of us are barely out of our teens. People often forget that a well cared for cat can live for twenty years .... and THAT means that we all still have a lot to offer.
None of us were looking to be Mommies but we all did a very good job of taking care of our beautiful babies. Honestly, we were all very happy to see our babies adopted into warm and loving homes.
Now we are hoping its our turn. We`re not going to be pushy, but we just want to remind folks that our adoption fees are lower than those of the babies. We are all healthy and vaccinated and every one of us is already spayed.
We are all housetrained. We are young enough to be playful but old enough to sleep through the night.
The kind folks here take very good care of us but it is still more like boarding school than a home. We all yearn for a place where we can give our hearts and really feel at ease.
After everything we have all been through, each and every one of us would have more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone who would be wise enough and kind enough to see how much we second hand roses have to offer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well hello there, my name is Maurice and I decided to give the kind folks at the Yarmouth SPCA shelter a hand by tooting my own horn. Normally I'm too busy trying to charm everyone who walks by my cage ... but that doesn't seem to be working because I am still here at the shelter.
I know I'm not a kitten anymore... but really we cats are only kittens for such a short time in the space of what can be a twenty year life. Happily, most of us never outgrow the ability to play .... we adults still love our toys and our tunnels and our towers.
We still love to have fun, but we adults have learned a lesson or two along the way. We know how to wipe our feet when we come out of the litter box. We've already figured out that that interesting roll of paper in the bathroom wasn't put there for our amusement. We've discovered that swatting at your pyjama ties doesn't always end well. And of course, we all love a good nights sleep just as much as you do.
To be perfectly honest, I'd be willing to learn anything else that was necessary to settle in with someone sensible enough to see that we secondhand kitties are first rate companions.
Honestly, after all this time at the shelter, I would have so much more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone kind enough to open their home and their heart to a first rate fellow like me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well hello there .... my name is Gabriel and I would like to know where I can file a feline discrimination complaint. Anyone here at the Yarmouth SPCA will be quick to tell you what a snugglebug I am .... in fact I distinctly heard someone joking that they didn't know that teddy bears could purr.
Yet some of you humans have the oddest idea that somehow we black kitty cats will bring you bad luck.
Did you know that in olden days, fishermen's wives believed that having a black cat in the house would ensure that their husbands would always come home safe from the sea?
Did you know that many black cats are at least part Burmese .... which means that we make very loyal and affectionate companions.
As an adult, I can promise that I won't wake you up in the middle of the night by tackling your feet when you roll over. Nor will I be kicking up a fuss because I'm missing my Mommy.
No sir .... I like a good nights sleep just as much as you do. I already know what the litter box is for and how to navigate through it without getting my feet dirty. I understand that the roll by your 'throne' is not a red carpet for me to roll out.
Even better, I'm already as big and as handsome as I'm going to get .... so it should be easy for you to tell if we will be kindred spirits.
Best of all, I can promise you that I would have more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone smart enough to make their own luck by opening their home and their heart to a sweet and cuddly fellow like me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mrs March

Well hello there, my name is Mrs. March and like many other good cats, I have been hoping for a new home long after my babies were born and adopted into great homes of their own. Don't get me wrong because as a mother I am very happy they have been well situated, but I think that I shall give the kind folks here at CAPS a hand and offer you six good reasons to come up here to The Cat Cottages at CAPS and meet me..... one for every one of the kittens that I had
#6 The kittens that I arrived here with will be the only ones ever for me because i have been spayed
#5 I am well socialized with the other cats here at the cottage and would fit in very well in a home with other cats
#4 I'm as big and beautiful as I'm going to get, so it should be easy to tell if we will be kindred spirits
#3 I'm nobody's baby and I like a good nights sleep as much as you do
#2 I'm all grown up and know better than to bat at the strings on your pyjamas, and of course
#1 I am a cat ... which means that I am wise enough to understand the value of second chances. I would have more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone who would open their home and their heart to a sweet and gentle lady like myself.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If We Could Talk to the Animals

Actually, we can talk to the animals. Its just a darn shame that we can't listen to what they have to say.
I am the webmaster for The NS Homeless Pet Project. For those of you who haven't visited the site, it is a volunteer effort partnered by myself and the wonderful woman who hosts all my other web projects ( ) It is an information resource designed to promote adoption, pet retention and good animal care.
I want this blog to complement the website and help round out the picture for the wonderful animals out available for adoption in NS.
Unlike the pet pages, there will be less structure here. Some of the lovely pets that will be featured here will have been waiting for their Forever home for far too long. Others will be featured because they have an interesting story. And of course some will be here because they will be looking for a hero to save the day.
Please come back and visit often. You might just find your next kindred spirit here one day.