Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ummm .... my name is Dominic and I am really trying to keep my game face on.   To tell you the truth, I honestly don't know what else I can do to get someone to slow down long enough to meet me, eh?
To know me is to love me, but everyone who comes to the Yarmouth SPCA seems to have blinders on when they walk by my cage.   Gee whiz ... if they would just stop for a minute, they would find out that I am actually the best behaved boy in the shelter!  
Mind you, the cats here tell me that there still room for improvement!  Apparently they were not actually inviting me to join in the fun when they are in hot pursuit of one another!   Sheesh .. who knew?
The good news is that I am a clever lad and I really just want to please people!   If folks would just show me how to be polite around cats, I would get the hang of it much quicker than all the puppies everyone is in such a rush to meet.
My gosh .. I was that small a few months ago too!  I've grown into more than my feet ... now I am just old enough to focus and learn quickly!  I don't mean to brag, but everyone here at the shelter swears I am the fastest study they have ever met!
If you are looking for someone to snuggle in your lap all day, I'm probably not the lad for you!   Don't get me wrong ... I put the Capital A in affectionate, but I am a healthy young dog, not a screensaver, eh?  
I might not fit in any purse you would be able to carry, but just think of all the fun we could have together!  We could play ball ... go snow shoeing .... play ball .... go swimming ... hey .. did I mention I love to play ball?
I might still be learning the ropes, but I can promise that I would have more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone who could open their home and their heart to a Good Boy in Training like me.

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Shelley said...

Oh Janet...I just love your write up on Dom! Thank you SO much, I have tears in my eyes! You really know how to put what everyone is feeling into words! :)